Plunge Pool Questions and Answers for Homeowners Considering a Custom Plunge Pool Design for their Home

What is a plunge pool? Does a plunge pool design process differ from a designing a custom concrete swimming pool? How much does a plunge pool cost?

You’re not alone in asking these plunge pool questions. Many homeowners who we provide professional pool services to in Bluffton, Hilton Head, Beaufort County and the surrounding areas of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida have those same questions about plunge pools.

Let’s see if we can answer your questions about these types of smaller pools for homeowners. And who knows, you may soon find yourself with a new, custom plunge pool as an addition to your relaxing, beautifully-designed backyard oasis.

Plunge Pools – What Are They?

Some define a plunge pool as “a small, shallow pool built for the purpose of lounging, wading and cooling off instead of for swimming and exercising. Some homeowners prefer them because of their lower costs, smaller sizes, easier maintenance and reduced water requirements.”

At the most basic level, that plunge pool definition pretty much sums it up. What homeowners should also know is that these small pools, much like a larger swimming pool, can pack a big punch when it comes to adding to the ambiance of your home’s outdoor space.

In other words, like the concrete swimming pools we design and build for clients, you can also…

Create a Custom Plunge Pool Design

Does your home have limited space for large swimming pool? Would you like to make use of a small space that is going unused adjacent to your home? Like our concrete pool designs, we can design a plunge pool to fit in the available space your home has to offer.

Our professional pool team can also help you create a custom plunge pool design that leaves a lasting impression and fits with the existing design style of your home and backyard landscaping. You can take your design a step further and add fantastic water features like a waterfall or an infinity edge to give the illusion that your custom designed plunge pool extends to the horizon.

Want some ideas for your next plunge pool design? Take a look at some of the world’s coolest plunge pools as chosen by Travel and Design magazine.

Plunge Pool Cost

So, now to the all important question of the cost of plunge pools. While it is probably obvious that these smaller pools will cost less than a custom concrete swimming pool, unfortunately, we can’t provide an exact plunge pool price here in this blog post.

Every plunge pool we build is as unique as the homeowner who we build them for which also means the plunge pool cost is unique to each project. If you are thinking about adding a custom plunge pool to your home, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will work on the perfect design to fit your budget.