The Right Infinity Edge Pool Design Delivers a Luxury Swimming Pool Experience

Infinity edge pool designs, also known as vanishing edge, disappearing edge or negative edge swimming pools, give the illusion that your custom designed swimming pool extends to the horizon. What was once a trend mostly for pools at upscale luxury resorts, infinity edge pool designs are now seen more and more in backyards across the country.

Have you ever found yourself asking, “How do infinity edge pools work?” Or, are you trying to decide if a swimming pool design with a vanishing edge would look good in your yard? We’ll help you answer both those questions and more in our latest swimming pool blog post.

Infinity Edge Pools – The Basics

The negative edge pool design is one of the most popular water features of the custom swimming pools we design for our customers in Bluffton, Hilton Head, Beaufort County and the surrounding areas of South Carolina, Georgia and beyond. The illusion a stunning infinity edge pool creates is captivating and definitely enhances the look and feel of any backyard oasis.

So, how does one design and build a vanishing edge pool? In simple terms, the illusion is achieved by lowering one or more walls to create a water’s edge that is the same level as the water in the pool. The disappearing edge walls slope downward away from the pool to create the tranquil waterfall effect.

What happens to the water that flows over the infinity edge pool wall? The overflow is caught in a catch basin below the main pool. Water collected in the catch basin is pumped back into your swimming pool.

Infinity Edge Pool Design – Right for My Home?

One of the reasons we love concrete pools is that the design options are endless. But even with all of those swimming pool design possibilities, some spaces are more suitable for an infinity edge swimming pool. Here are a couple of things to consider with these popular pool water features.

The slope of your land and the view looking out over your backyard will be a big factor in determining whether or not you want a vanishing edge pool and how you want to design this negative edge into your overall pool design. Here in coastal South Carolina, we are blessed with many wonderful views such as looking out at the Atlantic Ocean or taking in a beautiful view of the salt marshes. Both of which are perfect for an infinity edge pool.

The style of your home will also come into play with any custom design pool – not only a pool with an infinity edge. Ensuring your pool design fits with your home’s design style and also your backyard landscape is something we help our clients with in our hands-on design process.

Make no mistake about it, an infinity edge pool designed and built by swimming pool experts will be pleasing to the eye and enhance any swimming pool experience. We’d love to tell you more about these vanishing edge pools. Contact us today and we’ll be glad to answer any of your custom swimming pool questions.