Glass Tiles Add to the Custom Swimming Pool Experience

Designing a custom swimming pool with glass tile is a hot trend in the luxury swimming pool market. But glass tile isn’t just known for its ability to add and allure and eye-grabbing beauty to your custom swimming pool. Glass tiles are also very durable and offer a wide-range of varieties allowing you and your pool professional to design a custom luxury pool that is one of a kind.

Swimming Pool Glass Tile Basics

Glass tile can be used in warm climates – like here in Hilton Head Island and coastal South Carolina – just as well as in cold climates. When installed properly by an experienced swimming pool professional, glass swimming pool tiles are extremely durable and hold their beauty for many years.

Most homeowners designing a custom luxury pool – while they are concerned about durability – want a swimming pool tile that delivers when it comes to one-of-a-kind beautiful pool designs. And glass tiles definitely fit that criteria. These swimming pool tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and finishes which, like concrete swimming pools, offer endless design opportunities.

Uses of Glass Tiles in Custom Pool Designs

As we mentioned above, the design possibilities are endless with glass swimming pool tiles. There are also a wide-range of uses for glass tiles in swimming pools as well. Below, we list a few of those uses.

Water Features – Many of the homeowners who have asked us to design and build a custom luxury pool also request water features like water walls, scuppers and fountains for their custom pools. Glass tiles are an excellent accent tiles for swimming pool design additions as they add a sparkling, shimmering effect to these water features.

Waterline, Pool Steps and Edges – These are some of the most common locations in a swimming pool design where you will see glass tiles. When used on the pool’s waterline it adds an aesthetically pleasing effect of mirroring the water’s movement while capturing sunlight. Glass tiles on pool steps and edges can not only add an a nice eye-catching design accent, but they also can provide a safety feature as they make steps more distinguishable to the eye.

Infinity Edge Pool Design – Also known as vanishing edge, disappearing edge or negative edge swimming pools; infinity edge pools often use glass tiles to add to the visual illusion of a pool that extends to the horizon. Glass swimming pool tiles often are found accenting vanishing edges or perimeter overflows and when the sunlight hits these tiles the results can be stunning.

Interior of the Pool – To get a true luxury swimming pool experience, swimming pool professionals often design and install glass tiles to line the entire interior of the pool. These glass tile designs deliver an alluring luxury pool experience as the water comes to life when the sun hits the glass tiles.

Have any further questions about using glass tiles in your custom swimming pool design? Do not hesitate to contact us. Also, take a look at our swimming pool photos here on our website to see how we use glass tiles in our luxury swimming pool projects.