5 Hot Pool Design Trends for 2015

What are the hot pool design trends for 2015? For those of you seeking professional pool services in Bluffton, Hilton Head, Beaufort County and the surrounding areas of South Carolina and Georgia, we’ve put together some of the 2015 hot swimming pool design trends to help you start planning your next luxury swimming pool.

Remember, here at New Wave Pools in SC, our team of experts can help you design and build the outdoor or indoor swimming pool of your dreams. Hopefully, the following swimming pool trends will provide you with some inspiration. When you’re ready to get started designing your luxury inground swimming pool or if you have any questions, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Knife-Edge Pools

This type of luxury pool design is similar to an infinity edge pool. With a knife-edge swimming pool design, the water is the same level as the pool deck. A mirror-surface effect is created as the pool’s water flows into a slot edge running along the pool’s perimeter. If you are reading about hot pool designs of 2015 and see the terms wet edge pools, perimeter pools or slot-edge pools, then the article is most likely talking about knife-edge pools.
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Pebbled Finishes

Aggregate finishes are also one of the top trends in luxury pool design for 2015. One of the hottest of these finishes found in high-end swimming pools is the pebbled finish. This popular technique uses an aggregate material lining the pool rather than the traditional gunite surface. And not to worry, today’s pebbled finishes are easy on your feet. These aggregate finishes are also very durable, beautiful to view, and the tiny polished pebbles gleam in the sunlight.

Glass Tiles

If we are going to have a discussion about hot pool design trends of 2015, then we must mention glass tiles. Glass swimming pool tiles are known for adding eye-grabbing beauty and allure to your custom swimming pool. Glass tiles are also very durable and offer a wide-range of varieties allowing you and your pool professional to design a custom luxury pool that is one of a kind. Another great benefit of glass tiles is their versatility. They can be used in water features, along the waterline and edges, in the interior of the pool, and on the steps.

Baja Shelves

A luxury pool trend that is growing in popularity is a shallow shelf which is built into swimming pools for tanning or lounging in both water and sun. These shallow shelves are often called baja shelves. These ledges are usually designed to sit at a water depth of eight inches to a foot. Baja shelves are wide enough to fit lounge chairs and umbrellas and give adults a nice water depth for relaxing while children can play safely in the shallow water.

LED Lighting

The final hot pool design trend of 2015 to consider when designing your custom swimming pool that we’ll discuss today is one adds to the decorative beauty of your luxury pool while saving you money on operational costs as well. This 2015 pool design trend is LED lighting. LED pool lights create rich, vibrant colors and beautiful light shows underwater. Also, LED lamps cover all colors of the color spectrum are durable and long-lasting. Here’s a few LED pool lighting tips from HGTV.